Friday, 4 July 2014

Wednesday night: Salcey Forest

I trapped in the VC 24 portion of Salcey Forest, Northants on Wednesday night because I wouldn't have been able to attend the planned BIG/BENHS event there at the weekend - which I see has now been cancelled anyway due to the poor weather expected.  It was a relatively warm night and there was a lot of moth activity.  There are still some micros to confirm but the species count is well past 150 (93 macros).  Those which I hadn't seen there before included Brown-tail, Round-winged Muslin, Dusky Brocade, Slender Brindle, Mere Wainscot & Pinion-streaked Snout   The target was Concolorous, which is certainly found in the VC 32 (Northants) part of the site.  I got three moths which could perhaps be that species, but further investigation of the specimen brought home will be required.  I haven't seen Concolorous before and, with Mere Wainscot also now flying, identification of the species doesn't seem to be quite as straightforward as I'd thought it would be.  I also got a stunning Common/Dark Marbled Carpet which is going to need further investigation because the diagnostic underside markings are not completely clear-cut.  Even if it turns out to be just a Common Marbled Carpet it looks far more handsome than the individuals I get in the garden!

Dave Wilton

Mere Wainscot (left) and possible Concolorous (right),
Salcey Forest 2nd July
Common/Dark Marbled Carpet, Salcey Forest 2nd July
Brown-tail, Salcey Forest 2nd July

Round-winged Muslin, Salcey Forest 2nd July

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