Thursday, 7 August 2014

A couple of lifers (and others for confirmation)

Numbers are down in our garden in Wolvercote, Oxon (though 223 individuals of 53 species on the 5th wasn't bad), but a couple of lifers over the last couple of days have kept the interest up: Tawny-barred Angle showed up on the 5th, and Oblique Carpet on the 6th - the latter perhaps fitting with Marc's observations about wetland species, although as we're on the northern edge of Port Meadow, near a few smallish lakes, we're maybe not that far from wetland habitats.

Oblique Carpet, 6/8/14

Tawny-barred Angle, 5/8/14
We also had on the 4th what I think must be a male Bulrush Wainscot (to go with the female we had on 25th July) and on the 5th a presumed Tawny Speckled Pug.

Presumed male Bulrush Wainscot, 4/8/14

Presumed Tawny Speckled Pug, 5/8/14
And the micro below, from 6th August, looks, from the Micro Bible, like a Cochylis molliculana, which would also be a lifer (one of those species spreading into the country from the south, apparently). As ever, confirmation of these would be much appreciated - I'm about to post a few others we're not very sure of. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Possible Cochylis molliculana, 6/8/14


  1. Hi Steve, you've got some nice species. You've presumed correctly on Tawny Speckled Pug and Cochylis molliculana looks good to me.

  2. Hi Steve, you need to think again about Bulrush Wainscot. Go back to the books/websites and this time actually use the size information given by your ruler! You might be pleasantly surprised...

  3. Thanks, both; and point taken, Dave: I think I was bearing in mind a recent post about small-sized individuals of certain species being prevalent this year. However, I've had a rethink, and I suspect we're looking at Twin-spotted Wainscot, yes? If so, that's another new species for the garden.

    1. Yes, that looks to me like Twin-spotted Wainscot (the 'spots' are quite often almost non-existent). Both Oblique Carpet and Twin-spotted Wainscot are really good species to get in your garden - lucky you!!


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