Friday, 8 August 2014

A few also-rans

In keeping with the lower numbers of moths overall, we haven't been too preoccupied with difficult individuals in the last few days, but here are a few which we've not been sure on: any confirmations or suggestions would be welcome. In no particular order, we have what we think may be a Cydia fagiglandana from 29th July; a presumed Currant Pug and an unknown pug (possibly Double-striped) also from the 29th; a possible Acleris rhombana from 4th August and an unknown micro from the same date; and a presumed Phyllonorycter leucographella and what is presumably a poorly-marked female Orange Swift from the 5th. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Possible Cydia fagiglandana, 29/7/14

Possible Currant Pug, 29/7/14

Unknown pug, 29/7/14

Possible Acleris rhombana, 4/8/14


  1. Hi Steve, the 'unknown Pug' is a Double-striped Pug.

  2. I'm afraid the micros are all incorrect, Steve. The top one is Cydia splendana. The bottom one is Cameraria ohridella and you should really try and get used to that one - even for such a small moth the wing pattern is quite distinctive and it is easy to do on sight. It is around in swarms at the moment!

  3. OK, not my finest hour! Thanks, both.


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