Monday, 25 August 2014

A warmer night

160 moths of 35 species came to the garden trap at Westcott, Bucks last night.  Udea ferrugalis continued its run of regular appearances but the only other item of passing interest was the tortrix below which looks to me to be a candidate for Epinotia cinereana (a species worth keeping an eye out for now that it has been separated from Epinotia nisella).  During the daytime I had a look for leaf-mines on alder just down the road at Woodham, Bucks and brought home several Phyllonorycter mines containing pupae which will hopefully emerge soon.  The most interesting find was a strange-looking 2cm larva which I didn't recognise.  It proved to be that of the Alder Sawfly Eriocampa ovata which is covered with a chalky substance to make it the ultimate in bird-poo mimics!  Dave Wilton   

Epinotia species, Westcott 24th August

Eriocampa ovata larva, Woodham 24th August 

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