Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bits & Bobs

I had a good catch last night by recent standards with 28 Large Yellow Underwings being the highlight - certainly a record for my modest garden. Also of note were a Chinese Character and a Six-striped Rustic (a garden first). On Sunday on a walk out with the family we came across a Hawk Moth larva, probably Lime I am told (see photo). I also had what looks to me like a very worn Acrobasis species last night - it doesn't look like A. advenella as the inner central cross line seems to be angling in at the top and the head is not obviously red. I'd welcome any ID suggestions however tentative given its worn condition.

The delightful Chinese Character
probable Lime Hawk Moth Larva
worn possible Acrobasis species

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  1. Yes Lime-hawk tend to have the bluish tail spike. I still think your Pyrale is advenella. The head shows remnants of red and you now have another image immediately below to compare with


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