Friday, 1 August 2014

Brown House Look-alikes

It's definitely quietened down here in central Oxford with only modest numbers over the last few nights and Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing the only year tick. I seem to be getting plagued by small micros that look similar to but yet slightly different from the Brown House Moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella). In the past I've probably been guilty of just calling them all Brown House so this year I'm trying to be more careful but I can't seem to make my mind up. I've posted two examples below together with my best guesses. NB the second is a repeat from the other day but I didn't have any luck with suggestions then and since then I've changed my mind as to what it is.

Adam Hartley

Bryotropha domestica?
Borkhausenia fuscescens?

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  1. Hi Adam, your best guesses look good to me, assuming that their sizes are appropriate.


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