Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Death's Head

I have had a convincing report of a Death's Head Hawkmoth in a garden in Hazlemere, Bucks on 22nd July. The householder walked into her garden at 10pm and heard a buzzing sound coming from near her feet. A very large flying something flew up and landed on a fence. She ran into the house screaming. She and her husband returned to the garden and investigated the fence. On it was a very large dark moth. It had its wings slightly open so they could see the dark and pale bars on the abdomen. They also noted the pale marking on the thorax. Curiously, they identified it from a painting hanging on a wall in the house which included a Death's Head Hawkmoth. They have a small potato patch in the garden. Unfortunately, no photo.

Dave Ferguson


  1. Hi Dave - could this description not also apply to Privet HM? They have a stripey body and can have pale markings on their thorax, especially if a bit worn late in the season and are about the same size.

  2. Hi Dave, see here ( for an example of what Adam means. If it was Death's Head Hawk-moth it would be a brilliant record - if only there was a photo to back it up!!


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