Friday, 1 August 2014

ID confirmations please

Rather a poor night last night - I noticed Dave talking about the late summer lull - when does it pick up again?

I think I have

Bryotopha domestica
Cydia splendana

Mark Griffiths, Garsington


  1. Did you keep the Bryotropha? I hope so, it looks interesting, but I suspect it may need the chop. Your splendana is correct.

  2. unfortunately not Peter. Did you have an ID for it? If you have time maybe let me know the protocol for preparing things for the chop - it may turn up again.

  3. This is what Martin Corley said this evening: Hi Peter,

    I think it is probably domestica, although it is a relatively dark one. The only alternative is basaltinella, which should be slightly broader-winged and the dark coloration is more comprehensive. Here it looks to have pale scales with dark-tips.

    Best wishes,



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