Sunday, 10 August 2014

I.d help needed, please!

I found this very worn moth up on the rifle range above great Kimble this afternoon, and was hoping it might be a faded Chalk carpet (or maybe just a Shaded broad-bar?). Any advice would be gratefully received! I don't know if Chalk carpet is found commonly in the Chilterns or not. Dave Maunder

Possible Chalk carpet


  1. Hello Dave, indeed, it is rather worn, isn't it?! However to me it looks good for Chalk Carpet (Shaded Broad-bar has a much smoother outer edge to the central cross-band). Hopefully Martin A will agree.

    Prior to Chalk Carpet being discovered in the Ivinghoe area and around the Calvert tip over the last two or three years, Grangelands was its last known Bucks site with records up to 2007.

    1. Thanks for that, Dave - my first one for Bucks, then!


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