Thursday, 28 August 2014

IDs Please (catch 27-8-2014)

Much beter night last night but I don't think there was anything new apart from my first Vapourer. Quite a few carpets after not seeing any for a month, Common, Garden, Green and Common Marbled.. 71 Large Yellow Underwings, 1 Broad Bordered and a few Lesser and Lesser Broad Bordered. A Chinese Character also.

The queries,

Celypha lacunana?

I had a couple of Diamond Backs but these looked bigger and different - 2 individuals.

Unknown 2 (2 pics)
Unknown 3 (2 pics)

Currant Pug?

Then two indiduals that seemed a bit different from the other Square Spot Rustics but maybe they are?


  1. Hi Mark,
    I think you have: Celypha lacunana, Rhigognostis incarnatella, Currant Pug, Square-spot Rustic. Square-spot Rustics have an infinite subtle list of variations, but the line of dots just before the subterminal line is always there.

  2. thanks Peter, I discounted Rhigognostis incarnatella because of the distribution but that and annulatella were the closest match appearance wise.

  3. Looking again, I'm not convinced now by my initial thoughts. Did you keep it? I'd like to check its bits as either way it might be a very good find. If not and you get another one, pop it in the freezer and contact me off group.

  4. I reckon they're just female Plutella. I get this form quite regularly and they are always females which is why they are a little bit bigger as well. BW, Marc


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