Sunday, 31 August 2014

Leafmines on Chenopodium album (Fat-hen)

Last year I found a leafmine on Chenopodium album (Fat-hen) of the gelechid Chrysoesthia sexguttella on my allotment in Walters Ash, Bucks.   Apparently, this is a very under-recorded species, with next to no records in Bucks.

This weekend, I was working on the allotment and removed a lot of Fat-hen, which I checked for mines.  I found tenanted mines of Chrysoesthia sexguttella  (left) again and a vacated mine of Chrysoesthia drurella (below). 

Chrysoesthia drurella is very under-recorded too.  As both mines are around now, and the host is abundant everywhere, it would be a good time to do a bit of leafmine hunting and get yourself a new species or two. 

More info on mines on Chenopodium album (Fat-hen) here: 

Neil Fletcher

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