Friday, 29 August 2014

Rainy Conditions Bringing on the Moths

I've found that the rainy conditions have been rather good for trapping over the last few nights in my central Oxford garden. In fact two nights ago I got a near record count (for my garden) in the trap though it wasn't very diverse, being more than half made up of Large Yellow Underwings. There was an Old Lady in there though which is always nice to see. I've got three unknowns for the panel to look at, any help would be much appreciated - see photos below.

By the way, I think that I've solved the problem of our new kitten catching all the moths as they come to the light: I've put the trap on top of an upturned dustbin so it's much higher up now and as a result there are many more moths in the trap the next morning.


Perhaps a worn Common Rustic? It was about that size
About half the size of a Brown House Moth, perhaps a Bryotropha sp.?
Stumped by this, perhaps Blastodacna Hellerella?


  1. Hi Adam, I agree with your comments on the first two (including the "perhaps", neither being by any means a certain ID!), while the third is Epermenia chaerophyllella which seems to have had a good year.

  2. Thanks for that Dave. The Epermenia looks obvious now that it's pointed out to me - how did I miss that?


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