Sunday, 17 August 2014

Westcott, Bucks

Last night's catch of 209 moths of 61 species here in the garden at Westcott was a slight improvement over recent sessions although it was still a relatively poor return and included little of interest.  Agriphila tristella, Flame Shoulder and Small Square-spot (which is continuing its climb back out of a 'bust' towards another 'boom') were providing the highest numbers, tied at 25 each.  Like others, I've started getting the occasional Agriphila geniculea now, joining the more prolific grass moths, but almost all of the other 'new' species are still second broods of those seen earlier in the year.  Square-spot Rustic has barely started yet but will no doubt explode into action very soon, while Large Yellow Underwing has as usual been only ticking over and should also increase in activity.  Lesser Yellow Underwing has made surprisingly few appearances to date and hopefully will also increase.  Even though the night-time forecasts for the next week don't seem at all promising, it can only be a few days before Centre-barred Sallow puts in an appearance then things should start looking up as the other autumnal species begin to fly.   Dave Wilton

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