Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Least Carpet

The RIS trap at Burnham Beeches, Bucks contained 2 Least Carpet for the night of 28 December 2015.  Previously it has had Least Carpet in November which probably represented a 3rd generation.  I wonder if these two could be a 4th generation.  These were also the first macros for at least a week.

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  1. We were away over Christmas but the garden trap at Westcott hasn't failed me yet since our return: 27th Mottled Umber, Dark Chestnut & Silver Y; 28th Pale Brindled Beauty & two Mottled Umber; 29th Dark Chestnut; 30th Winter Moth so far, despite the horizontal rain. On the 27th I noticed that there was a Brown Long-eared Bat combat air patrol above the light and I'm sure it wouldn't have ventured out if there was nothing to eat!!


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