Thursday, 17 December 2015

More winter madness (2)

Last night's garden trap brought in just three moths.  Winter Moth was expected.  Thankfully I've never been plagued by Epiphyas postvittana and, even though it had its best ever year here in 2015, that was only 35 individuals and last night's was my first ever December record.  The oddity was a fresh Chinese Character!

Chinese Character, Westcott 16th December
Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks


  1. You inspired me to dust down the moth trap last night. Managed 1 moth - Mottled Umber, and that was some yards from the trap. I'll go back to the kitchen window which is far more productive.

  2. Last night all I got was Acleris hastiana (1), Winter Moth (2) & Mottled Umber (1). There's been quite a fall of Syncopacma polychromella along the south coast with all this warm air and dust up from the Sahara and a few of them may work their way inland over the next night or two - probably a vain hope but I think it is still worth trying with the trap!

    1. ...and I've just noticed from Facebook that Marc Botham had polychromella at CEH Wallingford last night so DEFINITELY still worth keeping those traps running. All sorts of things have been recorded on the coast over the past 48 hours!


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