Monday, 11 October 2021

Not what I'd hoped for

Back on 11th September I found what looked like the underside mines of Phyllonorycter lantanella on leaves of Wayfaring Tree growing near Finemere Wood, Bucks.  Most were vacated but a couple still seemed to be active and one was brought home to try rearing through as I've never seen the moth and have only recorded the mine once previously in VC24 where it seems to be quite uncommon.  The following day I had suspicions that things weren't quite right so the "mine" was opened and the larva itself plus the amount of silk present immediately made me think that I'd got the identity wrong, confirmed after just a few more days by which time the caterpillar was feeding externally, had grown too large and was producing a considerable amount of frass which was also too large for any Phyllonorycter.  It had pupated by the end of September and all was revealed today when the adult moth emerged, an example of Acleris schalleriana

Larva on Viburnum lantana

Acleris schalleriana, emerged indoors 11th October

Dave Wilton Westcott, Bucks

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