Saturday, 20 September 2014

Continuing on the same theme...

I ran a couple of MV traps in some private ancient woodland near Kingswood, Bucks last night and got 43 moth species (and no hornets - quite an achievement!).  An example of the tortrix Spatalistis bifasciana was perhaps the most interesting moth as it shouldn't be around at this time of year, while other second-brood species which don't always get seen included Riband Wave, Latticed Heath and Lilac Beauty (four examples of the last one).  While there have been four of five previous September records of Latticed Heath in Bucks, this is the latest by a couple of weeks.  While checking for leaf mines near the traps I found a final instar Chocolate-tip caterpillar feeding on aspen.  Dave Wilton

Spatalistis bifasciana, Kingswood 19th September

Latticed Heath, Kingswood 19th September

Lilac Beauty, Kingswood 19th September
Chocolate-tip larva, Kingswood 19th September

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