Wednesday, 17 September 2014


In Chorleywood, last night, I was moderately surprised to find a pair of Small Dusty Waves and a bit more surprised to have a Fern on the outside of the trap. WT and L say one generation to mid August for the Fern, but I often check the Hants Moth website for their phenology charts and I see they have a low incidence of the moth going through September, complete with  a slight gap, which strongly suggests to me second generation. Doing the same thing for Small D W, I can't really justify being surprised at getting a couple.
Andy King.

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  1. Hi Andy, as you say, Fern is interesting as a second brood (that would appear to be the first September record for Bucks) but Small Dusty Wave is a regular at this time of year. I've had September records in the garden almost annually since 2005 and this year it seems to be doing particularly well (only two first brood individuals seen, on 15th June and 20th June, yet eleven second brood individuals to date since 27th August).


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