Monday, 29 September 2014

Home or away?

At Philipshill Wood, Chorleywood, last night, I caught my reasonable share of usual moths, the high-light might have been considered the single Deep-brown Dart. Lunar Underwings abounded, Large Yellow Underwing down to one (in good condition curiously). Packed away, went home.
This morning I found a Cypress Pug at the porch light - a species I've been waiting to see and was wondering if I might have to travel especially to 'tick'. "Blow me down", I thought. Andy King.


  1. and where were you going to go to see it? Cyprus perhaps?

    1. Haha. But Cypriots I know tell me I could do worse for a place to visit in the autumn. I had thought of the south coast (of England), where there are plenty of Cypress trees (it worked for Cypress Carpet a couple of years back). (Mind you, I was looking for Oak Rustic, if I'm honest).


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