Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It's All Gone a Bit Quiet

Whilst the overcast and drizzly nights were excellent for mothing in my central Oxford garden, with the onset on our Indian Summer and clearer nights things have rather dropped off. What's more out moth-chasing kitten has adapted her tactics now that I've put the Actinic trap on top of a dustbin and she now loiters beneath the bin knocking out of the sky any moths that she can get. She's already dispatched a couple of Old Ladies and several Large Yellow Underwings this way.

I've got a few moth ID's for confirmation please - see below.


Found this on some waste ground early evening. I've had Endothenia marginana
suggested to me but would appreciate a second opinion.
I'm guessing that this is Mompha epilobiella
I suspect that this is just a Dusty Wave but it seemed
a bit big compared to the ones I usually catch


  1. The suggestion looks correct Adam. I also agree with epilobiella and the wave is a Small Dusty Wave, I can't make it anything but.

  2. Hi Adam, while your first picture is indeed an Endothenia, I'm not convinced that you can be sure whether you've got gentianaeana or marginana from that picture, especially with no size information. Both are reasonably widespread in our area.

  3. To quote Bradley Tremewan and Smith, " both sexes can usually be separated from small specimens of gentianaeana by the narrow band of whitish ground colour beyond the median fascia of the forewing" which is visible and so clinches it for me, although as Mr Wilton says, size would also be a determiner too.


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