Monday, 15 September 2014

Mursley moths

I re-positioned my trap last night (not easy in such a small garden!) and got a better catch after a series of disappointing nights. I was pleased to finally get Angle Shades, my 220th species since mid May. I was also fairly confident about Ypsolopha sequella and Black Rustic.

However, there were a couple of moths I was not sure about and would welcome help:

Is this Mottled Rustic?

...and could this possibly be Neglected Rustic? Sorry, just realised this is a heathland species - silly me! Any ideas what it is?

Many thanks
Mick Jones


  1. Hello Mick, the first two are indeed correct. Of your two queries, the first is Pale Mottled Willow and I would suggest that the second (depending on its size, which isn't clear in the photo) might be a rather tired-looking Lesser Yellow Underwing. Have you checked the hind-wings?

    1. Thanks Dave. I'm afraid I haven't got that specimen any longer, but I'm sure you are right. I was pleased to get Beaded Chestnut this morning and a couple I'm still working through.


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