Friday, 26 September 2014

Mursley moths

A better night trapping in my garden last night...and one or two micros for a change.

I'm fairly sure this is Carcina quercana.

Could this be Anania perlucidalis...even though it's a bit late for it and it's not holding its wings 'by the book'?

Are these just different colour forms of Lunar Underwing? I'm amazed at the variety and numbers at the moment.

Mick Jones


  1. Hello Mick, yes to Carcina quercana (I found a second-brood example here in the garden today too), the second picture is Elophila nymphaeata/Brown China-mark and the last two are indeed a couple of the more colourful forms of Lunar Underwing.

  2. Thanks Dave.
    I should have got the China-mark, but it was a bit faded.


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