Monday, 1 September 2014

Not the Robin

Species diversity has remained similar for a while now (between 25-35 species), but abundance has been increasing. A peak of 168 Large Yellow Underwings on Friday night was also accompanied by good numbers of Square-spot Rustics, Setaceous Hebrew Characters and Flounced Rustics and all the usual stuff, including my first of year Feathered Gothic. What was of greater interest, to me at least, was 9 Chinese Character around the MV trap this morning when the overall catch was considerably poorer than both Friday and Saturday night. I had to double check as they were all sat on the trap or near by on the foliage of recently uprooted and bagged trees ready for the move and looked from a distance like the Robin had used the trap as a toilet whilst gorging itself on LYU's. On closer inspection there was indeed some Robin poop, but hiding among it were the Chinese Characters. This is the most I've ever personally caught in one trap, I had thought 5 on Friday night was pretty good going. Marc Botham, Benson


  1. Snap! Nine Chinese Characters here at Westcott last night too. Got my first of the current local (third?) generation on the 21st (1), followed by 25th (2), 26th (1), 27th (4), 28th (8), 29th (3), 30th (4) & 31st (9). My catches get released about a mile away so none of these will be recaptures. Earlier this year I had 10 between 21st April and 30th May and 79 between 2nd July and 6th August. I thought the species did well here last year too but I've already surpassed the 2013 total of 108 individuals.

  2. I can now better it with 10 last night! Never used to really get them very often in the Rothamsted trap at work either, but they have been fairly regular recently. Must be having a good year. Large YU numbers topped last night at 169 and Common Wainscot numbers are creeping up into double figures.


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