Saturday, 13 September 2014

Passenger (but not here)

Don't get excited. This isn't an Oxfordshire moth and I hope it isn't against the regs to show it. I just wanted to thank Andy King very much for identifying it from my Corfu holiday haul, mentioned in my last post here. It hadn't occurred to me (dim or what?) that this moth, photographed twice at Kalami on the north east coast of the island last week, might be in WT&L. But there it is on page 337 - the Passenger, Dysgonia algira, next to a very similar species which I greatly covet on account of its name: the Geometrician. Alas, I am unlikely to see a Passenger here. There are only some ten UK records according to my WTL (1st edition). But the way things are warming up, you never know. Many thanks, Andy.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. Hi Martin

    Perhaps you'll get lucky, as I believe one was trapped not so far from you - in an East Oxford back garden (not mine, though only c. 250m away...) - on 23 August 2013. I haven't seen a photo of this beast, though it was reported on the Atropos website at the time; it doesn't seem to be on the 2013 UTB sightings list.

    Ben Sheldon

  2. How interesting! I wonder if anyone else can shed light on that. i will certainly keep my eyes peeled

    all v best



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