Sunday, 7 September 2014

Peppered Moth

Ten minutes of heavy rain just after the traps had been set out put paid to much moth activity at Burnham Beeches, Bucks last night, particularly as the skies then cleared and it got cold very quickly.  Martin Albertini, Andy King, Jeremy Palmer and I ran seven lights there for a public "creatures of the night" event but between us we managed less than 40 species, few of which had turned up by the time the visitors passed through!  The only moth of real interest was a solitary Neglected Rustic caught in the main area of heather (only the second record for the site following one found in the Rothamsted Insect Survey trap there back in August 2009).  However, fresh examples of Red-green Carpet and Peppered Moth were also noteworthy.  The field guide suggests that Peppered Moth has one protracted generation between early-May and late-August, but this example must surely have been an attempt at a second brood.  I haven't seen one anywhere since 29th July.

On an altogether different subject, there's a record here which the County Moth Recorder for Bucks needs to chase up!

Dave Wilton

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  1. It would have to be a hybrid looking at it - probably an Ear x Wax moth cross.

    Rob Payne


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