Saturday, 20 September 2014

Second brooders ---

I had a pristine Peppered moth to my garden trap here in Aylesbury on the 18th September, along with a second brood Small Ranunculus and Burnished brass, which quite surprised me as i've never seen a Peppered moth this late before - has anyone ever recorded this species so late before? Plenty of other second brooders include Small dusty wave, Riband wave, Small blood-vein, Heart and dart, Cabbage moth, Carcina quercana and Endotricha flammealis over the last few weeks in my garden, and my first Large Ranunculus yesterday, a day after getting Small ranunculus! Dave Maunder
Second brood Small Ranunculus, Peppered moth and Burnished Brass, 18-9-2014


  1. Hi Dave, last year Neil Fletcher had Peppered Moth on the 2nd which was the first ever adult September record for Bucks, while this year a group of us had one at Burnham Beeches on the 6th. Your example is now the latest adult record - but may well be overtaken by events quite quickly as there have been lots of unusual happenings like that this year!

  2. A pristine Peach Blossom came to my garden trap (Loosley Row) last night.


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