Friday, 26 September 2014

Treble-bar or Lesser Treble-bar?

75 moths in the garden trap last night. New for the year were Large Ranunculus, Black Rustic, Grey Pine Carpet and Red-line Quaker, and also this Treble-bar - or is it a Lesser Treble-bar?

The forewing measures 17mm. The moth guides say you can differentiate the males by looking at the abdomen, but I think my specimen is a female. Here is an "underneath" photo.

All help/suggestions welcome.

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Depends which moth guide you use Steve. Skinner says the basal line in Lesser is very sharply angled and round in the Treble-bar, which makes yours a Lesser Treble-bar.

  2. Hi Steve, using the sharply-angled basal line to determine Lesser Treble-bar works in most cases (including your example) but some are not as clear-cut, which is why the underside view of the abdomen tip is regarded as a more reliable feature. However, that only works in males...

  3. Thanks Peter and Dave. I can see the difference now in the shape of the basal line.


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