Saturday, 13 September 2014

Westcott, Bucks

Having had Sallow and Pink-barred Sallow back on 3rd September and then Large Wainscot on the 5th, further autumnal species in the garden trap here at Westcott have included Frosted Orange (10th), Lunar Underwing (11th) and Deep-brown Dart (12th).  Last night's catch of 40 species included fresh examples of a few which I don't always get as second broods:  Archips podana, Epiblema uddmanniana, Eudonia pallida, Acentria ephemerella & Light Emerald, while over the past few days I've also had Least Carpet (11th), Riband Wave (10th) and Lilac Beauty (9th). 

Square-spot Rustic continues to fill the trap, with 101 counted last night.  That takes the garden total past 1,100 since the first example on 12th August.  Large Yellow Underwing, on the other hand, has managed only 766 individuals and has been going since the end of May.  Lunar Underwing usually gives Square-spot Rustic a run for its money here so it will be interesting to see how that species does this year.  Dave Wilton

Deep-brown Dart, Westcott 12th September

Pink-barred Sallow, Westcott 12th September

Epiblema uddmanniana, Westcott 12th September

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