Friday, 4 September 2015

29th Aug - late Uncertain / Rustic

Just for interest - I hadn't seen any for a while and then this fresh looking one turned up on 29th Aug.

oh and I shoved an Old Lady into the trap last night.

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford.


  1. Also of interest is that on the Hants Moth website for early September there are quite a lot of sightings of Uncertain/Rustic. Whether these are correct or not who knows?.

  2. There can be a few stragglers Steve. I had a singleton last week, but the flight season is all but over. I've looked at my own season records for Uncertain and the last significant week for records is week 33, but occasional sightings as late as 39. For the Rustic, week 34, some low levels in 35 and 36 and oddments as late as week 41. We are in Week 36.

  3. Oh and Marks has all the hallmarks of an Uncertain. Vine's is double brooded peaking in weeks 24 and 35 with significant records up until the end of week 41, followed by a few casual records.


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