Saturday, 26 September 2015

Caterpillar ID

I found this Caterpillar while gardening today, it was on a blade of grass right near Willow-herb and Salvia one of which is probably more likely what it would eat. Think it may be a Pug, possibly Lime-speck? would be grateful for a definite ID and what it eats.
Not much else happening here in MK, species wise struggling to get 8-12 per night. NFY's this week Large Ranunculus and Deep-brown Dart (20th) and Pink-barred Sallow (22nd). Pink-barred is apparently having a good year, its my first here since Oct 2012.

Also this well-marked Lunar Underwing, not seen one like this before.
Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes.


  1. I think you are correct about it being a pug caterpillar, Darren, but I'd hesitate to commit to a particular species! Many of them (including Lime-speck) feed on the flowers and seeds of a variety of plants so quite possibly in your particular case it could have been the salvia.

  2. Ok thanks Dave, I've put all 3 nearby foodplants in and it seems to prefer the Salvia. No feeding observed yet tho.

  3. Andy Banthorpe on Facebook thinks it's a Wormwood Pug caterpillar, like Dave said it feeds on flowers of various plants. This one likes Salvia, which is good because my garden is full of it.


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