Monday, 14 September 2015

Clay or White-point?

Hi - my first time posting.

I struggle between the two species above and last nights example in Longwick (Bucks) is no exception! Going by Lewington I would say Clay but looking at images of White-point on line some look a lot like this individual. I would appreciate everyone's thoughts.

On a separate note the Clepsis Dumicolana colony in Longwick has had a second brood. Although smaller numbers 3 or 4 can still be seen flying in sunshine around the Ivy.


  1. I'd be interested in what others think too because the 'white points' do look a bit odd. However, my vote would still be for White-point based on the overall shape of the moth (it is a stubbier looking species than the longer-winged Clay) combined with the fact that it is flying now whereas Clay ought to be well over (my last Clay sighting locally was 12th August).

  2. Many thanks both. It was the shape that caught my eye. That is a new record for the site.

    1. I think you'll be seeing more of it, Andrew. It has become a regular in my garden at Westcott since 2014 and certainly seems to be well established further south in Bucks.


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