Friday, 18 September 2015

Double Dart?

Not having had one before and knowing that they can vary as to their markings I wanted to check if this is indeed a Double Dart? FW18mm. Only 200 LYU last night, things are dropping off!. Good night for Pale Mottled Willow with 7 and a couple of Rush Veneers.

Steve Lockey (Garsington)


  1. That's a faded Flounced Rustic, Steve. If you look at the text in the field guide you'll see it says that Double Dart flies from June to mid-August so is well over by now - in fact looking at my own records I've never seen it in August and my latest date from 20+ sightings is 16th July. Double Dart is a very dark moth with a different wing-shape (and probably quite a bit larger than the one shown in your picture). It is not at all common but does occur locally so you do stand a chance of seeing it at the right time of year.

  2. Many thanks Dave, should have checked flight times. Quite a few badly faded specimens in the trap, all one shade and with no visible markings. I think I could stare at them till Xmas and still not have a clue!.


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