Monday, 14 September 2015

Help please

I'm almost reluctant to make a stab at ID after recent performance but what the heck? the only thing that I can find remotely similar is Lunar Underwing but it is so different to the other two in the trap I am having doubts.


  1. Still a Lunar Underwing, Tom. Take care with that particular colour form of it, though, because Beaded Chestnut will be along shortly...

  2. I suggest you start picking these up Tom. If you approach them from the front end, with thumb above thorax and first two fingers either side of the head, you can gently grab them allowing the other hand to pull open the wings. They are not called Lunar Underwing for nothing. This helps a lot, especially as Dave says, Beaded Chestnut is about to appear.

  3. Many thanks - I will give that a try.


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