Saturday, 19 September 2015

IDs / Confirmations please

hi, I'd appreciate some confirmations on these.

 I think the first Thorn is a Dusky Thorn.

I think the next two might be a Small Wainscot, some photos in books look very close, others in other books look way off!

Finally Celypha lacunana? Again the UK moth site shows flight period extends to August only.

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Hi Mark, Dusky Thorn and Celypha lacunana are correct (the latter flies between May and October, sometimes even into November). I suspect your Wainscot is just an odd-looking/worn Common Wainscot. It isn't Small Wainscot which is a much shorter and stockier moth and in my experience always shows some degree of dark streaking on the forewing.

  2. hi Dave, thanks for that. I've not seen a Common Wainscot that is black underneath looks as if the body is black on the top as well. It doesn't look particularly worn - maybe it's been subject to temperature fluctuations in the pupal stage?


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