Saturday, 12 September 2015

Hornet vs. Moth

When out checking my wine ropes last night, the most exciting thing that we saw was certainly this deadly encounter between a hornet and a yellow underwing - when we shone our torches on the two insects gorging themselves on sugary wine, the hornet realised the opportunity for a meal and attacked the moth, before buzzing around with the thorax ripped out. A grim end for the moth, but an impressive spectacle!!! (see video)

For better quality video,


  1. Fascinating! Pretty gruesome, but we have to accept that adult moths are way down the food-chain and most are going to end up as food for something, the majority of their siblings (as caterpillars) having already done so!!

  2. I recall watching a hornet 'trying it on' with a couple of Peacock Butterflies at a Buddleia bush. In daylight, of course. These are quite powerful butterflies (although I wouldn't have thought any stronger than a Large Yellow Underwing) and they just shrugged the wasp aside with a brush of the wings and flew away.


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