Sunday, 20 September 2015

Incomparable in West Oxfordshire

Yesterday morning (19th September) I had an early call from Martin Corley, a veteran moth'er who lives just 15 minutes from me.  He told me that for the first time in all his decades of running moth traps on his farm at Littleworth, near Faringdon, that a Clifden Nonpareil had flown in and would I like to come and see it?  It was great to share this arrival with Martin as he had never seen one in this country.  Sorry about the fuzzy photo but like us, the moth was all of a flutter - please note that Martin was wearing a matching sweater.  He is wondering if the species may be breeding locally - only time will tell.

Meanwhile, I have to be satisfied with some lovely autumn moths, Canary-shouldered Thorns, Beaded Chestnuts, Lunar Underwings and Brown-spot Pinions here in Bampton, along with dozens of Large Yellow Underwings.

Mary Elford

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