Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Not much action

Pretty quiet the last couple of nights in Wolvercote, Oxon; like others', our catches have been dominated by Large Yellow Underwings, with 20+ showing up most nights, and Square-spot Rustics plus Flounced in quite large numbers. We've also had a fairly steady supply of Old Ladies (although not on the scale of last year, when our biggest catch was six) and what is presumably a second generation of Poplar Hawkmoths.

I'm hoping I've got the problem with my camera sorted out; but that doesn't guarantee especially high-quality photography. However, is the attached photo identifiable? I'm thinking possibly a Bryotropha, but at 8-9mm, perhaps too big for a domestica; possibly a terrella? Or something else entirely?

Steve and Xander Goddard


  1. Steve, it's really tatty, so a positive id is unlikely. It was probably Hofmannophila pseudospretella in another life, but can't be certain.

  2. Fair enough -- thanks, Peter. I think we were desperate for *something* a bit different among a fairly indifferent catch.


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