Thursday, 10 September 2015

Oak Lutestring

Did my September survey at Bagley Woods last night. Started off warm but was particularly chilly this morning after clear skies and fog. Despite that there was a pleasant number fo moths in the traps with 43 species including the first Oak Lutestrings and Lunar Underwings I have seen so far this year (the latter of which Dave W mentioned he'd already started getting in his garden a couple of nights ago). Marc Botham, Didcot 

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  1. Indeed, of the autumn species I've now seen Black Rustic, Lunar Underwing, Pink-barred Sallow and Sallow over the past two or three nights as well as Centre-barred Sallow which has been going for a week or two - had a very smart red form of the latter two nights ago. Three chilly hours with Andy King on Pitstone Hill, Bucks last night was rather disappointing (fewer species between our six lights than you got at Bagley I should think) although we did get into double figures with both Autumnal Rustic and Hedge Rustic.


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