Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Red Underwing

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a Red Underwing hiding under the canopy of our garden chair (see first picture) and managed to catch it for some photos. What a beauty! Although apparently common I have only seen one briefly about ten years ago as it flew away from an outside light early one morning.

(Sorry about late post but I'm really doing this to test if I can now get this to work.)

Derek Brown


  1. Lovely aren't they? Of course, those with blue hind-wings are even nicer...!

    Glad you've managed to successfully upload the pictures this time.

  2. Yes Indeed, but I guess they don't turn up here too often. FYI, my problem seemed to be that I was using an older version of Explorer to log in. However if I log in via Google Chrome it seems fine. It might be worth mentioning if others have the same problem.

    Thanks Derek


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