Saturday, 12 September 2015

Some help please!

1. This is the first moth I struggled with whose colours may be too worn out to identify.
2. This macro seems to have a distinctive brown cross line with no kinks, but I can't find it in my macro book.
3. This I think is a yellow shell (Camptogramma bilineata bilineata) but I'm not certain because of how it is holding its wings.

4. This I'm certain is an Angle Shades (Phlogothora meticulosa) but the colours seem very pale - and no olive colour - is this normal?

5. Unfortunately, this moth just would not stop flapping so I couldn't get a still photo but I captured a couple of (rather poor) areal shots - I think it looks like a heath rustic (Xestia agathina agathina), but I don't live near any heath or moorland, its usual habitat. Is it another species, or just a long way from home?
6. Lastly, this hawk moth larvae appeared on a tree trunk, which looks remarkably similar to a lime hawk moth larvae, but without the pale green and red slashings - what is it?


  1. Tom
    Your moths are:
    1 Mouse
    2 Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (I think you forgot my tip about looking at hindwings)
    3 Correct with Yellow Shell - don't think it really has a typical resting posture as the wings might be closed or fully open or in between
    4 Correct with Angle-shades
    5 Flame Shoulder

  2. The caterpillar is indeed a Lime Hawk-moth, Tom - they change to a duller colour when they are crawling down the tree to pupate.

  3. I really like your in-flight photo of the Flame Shoulder - the one with the fingers. Making a virtue out of a necessity.


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