Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Stoke Common produces a superior class of Rustic!

With permission from the site management, Martin Albertini, Marc Botham and I ran half a dozen MV lights amongst the heather at Stoke Common, Bucks last night.  It was fairly slow going and micros were rather thin on the ground but we eventually recorded just over 60 species in the three hours that we were there.  The main target for the evening was Neglected Rustic, of which more than 20 were duly seen in both colour forms.  Hedge Rustic also appeared, a welcome sighting because the moth is now rather uncommon locally and has not previously been recorded at Stoke Common (five of them were trapped, including the rather worn female shown below).  However, the night's biggest surprise was Heath Rustic which is also new for the site and represents only the third ever record for vc24.  All three of us had this very smart moth in our traps and we caught four examples in all, including the splendid female which is illustrated. 

Neglected Rustic, Stoke Common 8th September

Hedge Rustic, Stoke Common 8th September

Heath Rustic, Stoke Common 8th September

Dave Wilton

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