Friday, 4 September 2015

Uncertain guidance

Are these Uncertain?. I am a little confused as to where the Uncertain and moths such as Vine's Rustic begin and end. As it's September are they likely to be the latter or not, as I had  eight specimens this morning in various shades and all between 13 and 15mm FW. As I'm doing my weekly GMS and I want to try and get it right!. Many thanks.

 Steve Lockey (Garsington)


  1. It's too late for Uncertain or Rustic for that matter. These are Vine's Rustic, much greyer, with a sheen to the wings and most importantly, the hindwings will be white

  2. Hello Steve, they should all be Vine's Rustic now, as are the two you illustrate. I've never had a September record of the Hoplodrina pair (Uncertain and Rustic) although they do sometimes go on until late-August.

  3. Thank you both .When moths appear in a year appears to be very specific as you point out. Butterflies seem to have a little more leeway regarding their flight times

    1. Not quite as specific as you might think. Don't forget that the 60-odd British butterflies are not really any different from the other 2,400-odd species of our Lepidoptera other than that they're day-flyers, showy and have lots of conservation money thrown at them. The flight times (and sometimes the number of broods) of all Lepidoptera fluctuate a little depending upon the type of season we're having but they can be a very useful guide during the process of establishing the identity of any species. Don't regard them as being set in stone, though!


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