Friday, 26 May 2017

A Coleophora and some dark macros.

I realise the Coleophora species usually need dissection but wondered if this one can be identified from the photo. It was just under 10mm in length (plus the antennae). I still have the moth if it would be worth further investigation.

Although catches have been relatively small in terms of numbers I have managed to add 28 species of macro to my list for 2017 this last week. Last night's catch included dark versions of Coxcomb Prominent and Pale Tussock as well as the less usually marked Treble Lines.

Andy Newbold, Sibford Ferris, Oxon.


  1. I'm drawn towards albicosta for your Coleophorid but I'm not sure how safe that ID would be from a picture as there is at least one vaguely similar species (C.vulnerariae which is rare and associated with kidney vetch). They almost always need dissection in my book - perhaps Peter would like to comment? Albicosta uses gorse as a food-plant but I've had it in the garden here with the closest known gorse probably a mile or two away.

  2. Thank you. It certainly looks like the available images on the Internet especially the Norfolk Moths one.


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