Thursday, 18 May 2017

More NFY, and probably one lifer

Numbers still not huge in our garden in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, but 18 species on 15th May and 19 on the 16th weren't bad going, and NFYs coming in good numbers -- including Orange Footman, Red and Dark-barred Twin-spot carpets, Vine's Rustic and Grey/Dark Dagger. What I think was probably the first Narrow-winged Pug for the garden showed up on 16th May.

Presumed Narrow-winged Pug, 16/5/17
A few are giving me some grief in terms of identification: I think we have below a Brindled Pug, a fairly standard Common Carpet and a perhaps rather dark Hoffmannophila pseudospretella, but would be grateful for confirmation/other suggestions!

Possible Brindled Pug, 16/5/17

Possible Common Carpet, 16/5/17

Possible Hoffmannophila pseudospretella, 16/5/17
Steve Goddard


  1. Your "standard Common Carpet" is a Small Seraphim, should be too small for a Common Carpet. I agree with your other three.

  2. Thanks, Martin. I somehow missed the Small Seraphim in looking through the Bible: I've had them before, so should have known...

  3. Hi Steve,
    Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet is a good record. Do you have any photos?


  4. Hi Nigel -- I'm afraid I don't: it was a specimen caught late at night, and I didn't keep it long enough to photo. Is that likely to be problematic? I based the ID on its overall shape, and its bar having, that I could see, no discernible reddish colouring.

  5. Hi Steve, as far as I'm aware it's quite rare in the UTB area and you might be asked by your CR for a photo.


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