Sunday, 14 May 2017

"Moths vs the Middle Classes" !

There was a feature in last week's Spectator magazine (of all places):

Moths vs the middle classes | The Spectator › Features

Perhaps not the most in-depth analysis of the state of the Tineidae, but it made the claim that Tineola biselliella (The Common or Webbing Clothes Moth) is overtaking Tinea pellionella (The Case-bearing Clothes Moth) in numbers. Not in my house it isn't! I regard biselliella as a rare moth nowadays. But is this a regional thing? Am I out of date in this matter? Does any body out there know something about this?


  1. All the clothes moths I've ever had checked here in Marlow have been T. pellionella.

  2. Tinea pellionella is still the only one I've ever had at Westcott and (thankfully) not all that often!

    1. ...and, of course, I don't have too many cashmere pashminas in my wardrobe (nor does Mrs W for that matter!). If anything we have more of a problem with that dear little beetle Anthrenus verbasci but we can live with it!

  3. Surely, Dave, you can never have too many cashmere pashminas in your wardrobe.


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