Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Philipshill Wood, Chorleywood.

Running lights in this woodland last night is the latest session that leaves me thinking the Brimstone is having a good year. Possibly the most abundant moth again, although few, of course, actually got to a trap. Syndemis musculana was pushing for top spot. But, if it wasn't late at night, I could have overtaken both with a moth that was not flying at all: I discovered a colony of Taleporia tubulosa on the Beech tree trunks there. Particularly pleasing because, despite looking for it on a number of occasions, this is the first time I've seen it.

These are pupal cases, the adults being due any time soon. The second one above has a hole in it and I suppose it has either been parasitized or predated.
Not a huge number of moths, however.
Singletons included a rather well-marked Cream Wave and a Lesser Swallow Prominent.

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  1. Unusual to see one with such strong rusty tints. I don't recall ever seeing one quite like that.


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