Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Some help please

My garden trap in Marlow Bottom last night produced a new macro for the list - Grass Rivulet.  Surprising I haven't seen it before really considering the profusion of Yellow Rattle that grows here.

There were also a few micros that I would appreciate some help with.  The first is about 7mm long and looks like it should be readily identifiable, but I am struggling with it.  Photos are a bit dark, I've tried to lighten them a bit, but it is quite a dark moth.

The second (actually two different moths) is an Elachista and I'm assuming atricomella, but can this be safely assigned? They both flew off!

And the last I'm just being a bit lazy with really - assume this is just a slightly worn Syndemis musculana (another poor record shot in lousy light!).

Adam Bassett
Marlow Bottom


  1. Hello Adam, I'd suggest atricomella for the Elachista but it could probably do with dissection to be sure. The tortrix looks to me like Epinotia immundana (quite a variable species) and, as you say, the last one is Syndemis musculana.

  2. Thanks Dave. Now you've suggested it, E. immundana looks spot on. Although this is a 'common' moth, I've only ever seen a few and none of these had a large white patch on the wing, so the variability caught me out. Both Elachista moths flew off before I got my pot out, so no dissection for these two.


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