Thursday, 25 May 2017

Three new for Maidenhead

Last night (24th) just before mid-night my mv trap in my Maidenhead garden only had 6 macro-moth species, which considering the temperature was quite disappointing.
This morning that has gone up to 25 macro species, with Common Marbled Carpet topping the list with 11.  Not a bad total for the garden, but best of all were 3 species new to the all time list.
Miller, Netted Pug and May Highflyer.  The latter produced a bit of deja vu, being identical to the picture Steve Trigg posted yesterday (only about 3km from me) and for which I confirmed the identity.  The larvae feed on Alder, which isn't present in the vicinity.  Perhaps the warmth of the night had induce things to wander from their usual areas as the trap also contained several mayflies Ephemera danica which presumably had come from the Thames just over a mile away.

Martin Albertini

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