Friday, 20 June 2014

A Couple of Garden Ticks in Central Oxford

Whilst last night's catch wasn't particularly notable in terms of numbers (35 moths of 19 species) it did turn up what I think are a couple of new garden ticks. The first was an Obscure Wainscot, looking very distinctive with its peppered markings. The second was what I originally thought was a worn Acrobasis species but then decided was actually Ephestia parasitella (or is it unicolorella these days?). Other year ticks included Broad-barred White, a Cnephasia agg. and Crambus perlella. I also had another of those infuriating Scoparids. As suggested I've ordered the Berks Micro Moth book which looks like it will be very helpful though I've yet to receive it. I've gone for S. ambigualis though I'm happy to be corrected on this and the others.

Obscure Wainscot
presumed Ephestia parasitella
presumed Scoparia ambigualis

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