Sunday, 22 June 2014

A few from South Bucks

I have been very lax of late in running the trap, so it was nice to run my Robinson again in the garden on the 20th.  Not a great deal to report, but I've posted some photos below:

The Mocha is a frequent visitor, mainly in the Spring and is one of my favourites.

This rather battered White-point is also relatively regular and judging by other records, I assume that they are probably breeding in our region now rather than all being migrants - anyone know?

The 44 species of macro, amongst others, included Lilac Beauty, Swallow-tailed, Clay Triple-lines, Lobster, Elephant and Small Elephant HM, Burnished Brass and Beautiful Hook-tip.  Just 16 micro species noted, but Isotrias rectifasciana was a new garden tick and to complete the Chlidanotinae family, Olindia schumacherana was also present.

And finally, because I thought it looked nice, a photo of the Marasmarcha lunaedactyla.

Adam Bassett, Marlow Bottom


  1. 53 records now in the Bucks database and I note there are lots of clusters of records spanning a number of years, including my old garden in Ballinger, where it would turn up most recent years. So I do think it is a strong candidate for locally breeding.

  2. Mocha is a very nice moth - I wish it ventured into my part of the county! We had a couple last night at a BIG meeting just down the road from you on a private estate in Medmenham where Royal Mantle also turned up...

    1. Royal Mantle would be a very nice addition to the garden list.....


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